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Zakhmo Ka Hisaab at 3-22-2018 8:00 AM on Housefull Movies

1-1-1993 (IMDB) Action Drama

Suraj (Govinda) lives with is parents viz, dad (Aloknath), mom Savitri (Seema Deo), sister Pooja (Parijat), elder brother Amar, his sister-in-law, and a niece and nephew. Amar is employed in the persian gulf and sends some money so that the family can find a suitable groom for Pooja. When Suraj goes to deposit the money in the bank, some bankrobbers intercept him and take his money. Since the money was not deposited in the bank, the bank is unable to guarantee the amount. Suraj does not share th

Govinda Farha Naaz Kiran Kumar Kader Khan

Yateem at 3-20-2018 12:00 AM on Rishtey Cineplex

1-1-1988 (IMDB) Action Drama

When Inspector Yadav (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) shoots down a criminal couple in the line of duty, his heart goes out to their orphaned baby son Krishna. He adopts the child, who grows up with Yadav's own daughter, Gauri (Farha). As they grow up, Krishna (Sunny Deol) and Gauri fall in love - but an obstacle is looming in their path in the form of Yadav's young second wife (Sujata Mehta), who is attracted to the handsome Krishna, and in her jealousy proceeds to do all she can to destroy the young cou

Farha Naaz Sunny Deol Danny Denzongpa
J.P. Dutta