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Find what are upcoming movies on television starring Raaj Kumar . Programs are ordered in descending order of start time.

Karmayogi at 3-22-2018 1:00 AM on B4U Movies

(IMDB) Action

Shankar and his son Mohan run a crime syndicate with gangster Keshavlal. When Keshavlal kills Shankar and frames a journalist for it, Mohan is on the prowl avenging his father's death.

Rekha Jeetendra Raaj Kumar Mala Sinha

Godaan at 3-21-2018 11:00 PM on DD Uttar Pradesh

1-1-1963 (IMDB) Drama

1963 Indian Film

Raaj Kumar Shashikala Shubha Khote Mehmood

Kudrat at 3-20-2018 1:21 AM on Sony Max HD

4-3-1981 (IMDB) Romance Drama Mystery

The setting is in scenic Simla, summer capital of the British Raj in the 1970's. Chandramukhi from Bombay is on holiday with her parents and so is Naresh, a US educated medical professional with his parents. Chandramukhi and Naresh show interest in each other, encouraged by their parents. Choudhary Janak Singh, an important and wealthy man lives with his lawyer daughter Karuna in a lovely colonial period mansion. Their house-guest Mohan, a lawyer from Chandigarh is a protege of Janak Singh. Karu

Hema Malini Rajesh Khanna Raaj Kumar