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25 Minute 50 Khabar / OTV / started 19 min ago

Daily short news program on OTV, where reporters from various districts report local news. Here within 25 minutes, 50 news are covered as per title of the show.

Tulasi, true to her name stays pious and pure and braves all odds to protect her love Chandan and his family. Despite facing many opposing forces in the form of Lisa (the antagonist who is besotted with marrying Chandan), Lisa's maternal uncle & Nandu (who is besotted with Tulasi), and adverse situations, wherein she comes close to losing Chandan, her love wins all and finally all others in Chandan's family who were against her slowly come in her support and accept her including Chandan's father

Aina / DD Odia / started 19 min ago



Danda Balunga / Alankar TV / started 1 h 49min ago



Durga / Tarang TV / started 19 min ago

Durga is a percocious, but peace-loving, college student. He has a group of friends, who he hangs around with. He meets with Gayetri, and falls in love with her. She also seems attracted to...


Teleshopping / Prarthana TV / started 19 min ago
Big Debate Live / Kanak News / started 19 min ago

Tulasi / Colors Oriya / started 19 min ago

Maha Sibaratri Live / MBC TV / started 1 h 19min ago

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