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Filmy Schedule, Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Filmy Complete Schedule, 1-11-2017. Find Filmy program listings for day 1-11-2017 in increasing order of time.
Category: Hindi Movies Language: Hindi

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Atishbaz at 3:00 PM


Shamsher, a petty criminal in British India, loves a gypsy dancer and wants to marry her. But first he has to contend with her suitor.

Tom Alter Prem Chopra Renu Arya Bob Christo

Kaccha Limboo at 6:00 PM

2-18-2011 (IMDB) Comedy Family

The words Kaccha Limbo denotes a child who is not mature enough.The movie follows the trials and tribulations of 13 year old Shambu.His friends in school ostracize him for being obese calling him names. Despite his school problems, Shambu does have a loving and caring family. He does not seem to relate to his step father, who seems to have a highly sympathetic attitude. He has crush for a girl, who does seem to despise him for his looks. He continues talking to her as an anonymous another person

Vinay Pathak Sarika Atul Kulkarni Rukhsar Chinmay Kambli Armaan Malik
Sagar Ballary

Pehchan at 9:00 PM

10-3-1993 (IMDB) Action Drama Crime

A convict by the name of Yogi Shankar is accused of sexual molestation in court. The Judge Jagdish Verma who is responsible for passing Jogi's sentence is well aware of Jogi's behavior as he was once Jogi's defense advocate. With no hesitation Jagdish Verma grant a seven years period of rigorous punishment to Jogi despite his pleadings. The Judge family consists of his wife Urmilla, sons Kunal and Karan Verma; on completion of his seven years sentence Jogi is released from jail and abducts Urmil

Sunil Shetty Madhoo Kiran Kumar Saif Ali Khan Siddharth Shilpa Shirodkar
Deepak S. Shivdasani

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