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Apoorva Sahodarulu Poster
Apoorva Sahodarulu
23-Apr-2019 3:30 PM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Dhee-Kotti Choodu Poster
Dhee-Kotti Choodu
23-Apr-2019 11:00 AM

Srinivasa, a local goon cons rich people and comes under the wing of a gangster named Shankar. Srinivasa becomes the favorite of Shankar and also falls in love with Shankar's sister.

Abhilasha Poster
Abhilasha (1983)
21-Apr-2019 3:30 PM

Abhilasha movie story was based on an unique point of removing section 302 from Indian penal Code, which sentences death. Struggling lawyer Chiranjeevi, lives with his roommate (allu aravind) and dreams of removing IPC section 302. Reason behind his determination was his father’s death sentence under 302, for adultery, which he didn’t commit.

Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters Poster

Bommana Brothers are theives whose parents are also petty robbers. They fall in love with Chandana Sisters, who are the daughters of Chandana Mohan Rao, a big businessman. The elder one Mani Chandana runs an orphanage, while the younger one Siri Chandana is highly devotional. They are engaged, but the Bommana Brothers win their hearts by pretending to be a blind Maharastrian guy who donates everything he's asked for to impress Mani Chandana and Rama Chandra pretends to be a devout and pious man

Gemini Poster
Gemini (2018)
20-Apr-2019 3:30 PM

A heinous crime tests the complex relationship between a tenacious personal assistant and her Hollywood starlet boss. As the assistant travels across Los Angeles to unravel the mystery, she must stay one step ahead of a determined policeman and confront her own understanding of friendship, truth and celebrity.

Master Poster
Master (2012)
20-Apr-2019 11:00 AM

Freddie, a volatile, heavy-drinking veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, finds some semblance of a family when he stumbles onto the ship of Lancaster Dodd, the charismatic leader of a new "religion" he forms after World War II.

Seetharamaiah Gari Manavaralu Poster

Sitaramayya shares an estranged relationship with his son and his wife, who die in a freak accident. Sitaramayya, still in anger, accepts his grand-daughter as his son's last memory.

Nenu Unnanu Poster
Nenu Unnanu (2004)
19-Apr-2019 11:00 AM

Venu is an orphan and a contractor at Vizag port. Anu is a student in classical singing. Sruthi is Anu's friend. Anu makes an attempt to elope with her boyfriend Arun. Arun is the son of a Business tycoon JP. JP sends police across to nab Anu. As police nab Arun, Venu rescues Anu.

Aa Naluguru Poster
Aa Naluguru (2004)
18-Apr-2019 11:00 AM

Aa Naluguru (Telugu: ? ???????, English translation: Those Four i.e. the four people who carry a body in a funeral procession) is a 2004 Telugu film starring Rajendra Prasad and Amani. The film was directed by Chandra Siddhartha and produced by Sarita Patra.

Appuchesi Pappukudu Poster
Appuchesi Pappukudu
14-Apr-2019 3:30 PM

Ramadasu, a greedy father wants his London-returned son, Dr. Raghu to marry Manjari to acquire all of Mukunda Rao's assets. But Manjari loves Raja, who is about to teach the father-son duo a lesson.

7/G Rainbow Colony Poster
7/G Rainbow Colony (2004)
14-Apr-2019 11:00 AM

Kathir is a young underachiever, frequently venting his frustrations through public outbursts. When a north Indian girl, Anitha, moves into his neighborhood, he falls head over heels in love with her, and aggressively expresses interest. When she does not respond favorably, things get out of hand.

Aatadista Poster
Aatadista (2008)
2-Mar-2019 3:30 PM

Jagan alias Chinna is industrialist Lion Rajendra's jobless son. He falls in love with Sunanda. Meanwhile he suggests that his father and his rival Raghunath get into a partnership to double up their efficiency. Without his knowledge his marriage is fixed to Raghunath's daughter, who obviously turns out to be Sunanda, but the families are not on great terms even after they fix the match. Raghunath is dealing in tobacco businesses that is actually owned by Bonala Shankar, a brusque and notorious