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22-Apr-2019 1:41 AM

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Isai Paadum Thendral Poster
Isai Paadum Thendral (1986)
22-Apr-2019 1:30 AM

Foreign film starring Sarath Kumar

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Aatha Un Koyilile Poster
Aatha Un Koyilile
22-Apr-2019 4:00 AM

Marudhu works for Kasturi, who is engaged to Durai. Kasturi dislikes Durai's habits and falls for Marudhu. Although Kasturi remains firm to persuade Marudhu, he is reluctant to return her affection.

Oram Po Poster
Oram Po (2007)
22-Apr-2019 7:00 AM

Chandru (Arya) and Bigilu (Lal) are close friends. Chandru is an expert auto driver & racer while Bigilu is a mechanic expert at customizing autos to run at the dream speed of 130 km/h. Son of Gun (John Vijay) is the chief of a rival group who wants to outsmart the duo. Chandru, the race champ tries to settle the dues for his auto through a race, which is almost a cakewalk for him. He and Bigilu challenge Son of Gun to a race, and a date is fixed.

Monisha Enn Monalisa Poster
Monisha Enn Monalisa
22-Apr-2019 10:00 AM

Ramakanth madly loves Monisha and refuses to meet her till she too loves him. She, however, fails to reciprocate. When she is finally ready to meet the man she has never seen, fate plays a cruel hand.

Love Today Poster
Love Today (2014)
22-Apr-2019 1:00 PM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Little John Poster
Little John (1973)
22-Apr-2019 4:00 PM

Based on a true story, this action-packed, hard-hitting depiction of the infamous Ashley gang - who terrorized the southeast in the 1920's - also illustrates a desperate love between two people destined for destruction.

Raajjiyam Poster
22-Apr-2019 7:00 PM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Avasara Police 100 Poster
Avasara Police 100 (1990)
22-Apr-2019 10:00 PM

AVASARA POLICE 100 is a Tamil language film starring and directed by K. Bhagyaraj with M. G. Ramachandran in the lead role.

Agam Puram Poster
Agam Puram (2010)
23-Apr-2019 1:30 AM

Agam Puram is an Indian Tamil action film written and directed by Thirumalai, in his second venture after Thee Nagar. The long-delayed film started production in early 2008 and film features Shaam and Meenakshi in the lead roles.It is the remake of Hollywood film American Gangster starring Russell crowe and Denzel Washington. It released to negative reviews on 10 December 2010.

Indru Nee Naalai Naan Poster
Indru Nee Naalai Naan
23-Apr-2019 4:00 AM

Pazhaniappa, an innocent villager, finds a beautiful bride for his brother, Marudhu, an active politician. Tragedy sets in after Marudhu becomes a drunkard and dies because he loses in the elections.

Teleshopping Poster
23-Apr-2019 6:30 AM

Tele shopping program.

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