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Bioscope Poster
24-Apr-2019 7:35 AM

The film is set in the second decade of the 20th century. This is a story of cinema entering villages of Kerala. The protagonist Diwakaran gets attracted to the new machine, bioscope, at an exhibition by Frenchman DuPont, who does bioscope shows on the coasts of Tamil Nadu.

Shivaay Poster
Shivaay (2016)
19-Apr-2019 2:05 PM

Shivaay , a fearless Himalayan mountaineer covered in Lord Shiva tattoos, heads to Bulgaria to fulfill his nine-year-old daughter Gaura’s wish of seeing her mother Olga, who abandoned them years ago. But their plan goes for a toss when the little girl gets kidnapped in the foreign land. Rescuing her from the masked child-traffickers becomes his only reason for survival.

Angamaly Diaries Poster
Angamaly Diaries (2017)
17-Apr-2019 10:45 AM

Six young friends in the small town of Angamaly tries their luck by starting a pork business lead by Vincent Pepe. They initially strike a business deal with Rajan and Ravi despite the duo having killed a close friend of theirs in a gang fight. Vincent is in love with Sakhi and plan to immigrate abroad with her. But their plans hit a road bump as the deal with the gangsters hits some road bumps.

Singham Poster
Singham (2011)
14-Apr-2019 9:00 PM

A Bollywood classic directed by Rodit Shetty. Singham tells the story of sub-inspector Durai Singan who uncovers a scam run by extortionist Vaaganam in which kidnaps children from wealthy families and holds them for ransom. With Singam on his tracks Vaaganam starts to target people dearest to him including his fiancé and close friend Inspecter Ravi. Singan has to stop Vaaganam before he puts any more lives in danger.

Jal Poster
Jal (2014)
2-Mar-2019 9:00 PM

It's not just a matter of one spirit, it's a matter of multiple possessions in one body.

Ringan Poster
1-Mar-2019 10:35 PM

A debt-ridden farmer and his seven-year-old son undertake a pilgrimage to Pandharpur. Along the way, they face a series of challenges that test their faith and relationship.

Ekk Albela Poster
Ekk Albela
1-Mar-2019 9:00 PM

The journey of Bhagwan Dada. A common man who rose to the top and became a legend in Indian Cinema.

The President is Coming Poster

"The President is Coming" is an English film and the first ever MOCKUMENTARY about New India. It is a comedy about young India's ambitions and aspirations. With a style that is very tongue in cheek, the film takes a look at President George Bush' visit to India in 2006 where he wanted to shake hands with 1 young Indian under the age of 30.

Raqeeb Poster
Raqeeb (2007)
22-Jan-2019 11:05 PM

We have an intelligent and rich bachelor, Remo, an aspiring entrepreneur. He has complete world with no women in it. Thanks to his mischievous friend Siddarth that he meets Siddarth's chat friend, and soon falls in love with her.They soon marry and their world is full of happiness, until Sunny comes in the picture, as the lover of Sophie, from her past. Along with him comes the dilemma of choosing love of Sunny over comfort given by her spouse Remo. A diabolical plan is hatched between Sunny and

King Of Bollywood Poster
King Of Bollywood (2004)
16-Jan-2019 11:15 PM

King of Bollywood is a 2004 Bollywood comedy film directed by Piyush Jha and starring Om Puri.[2] The film is a satire of the Hindi film industry

I Am Kalam Poster
I Am Kalam (2010)
12-Jan-2019 11:20 PM

The film celebrates the survival of the human spirit against overwhelming odds and highlights the need for underprivileged children's education. Its a film based on former indian president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and is aimed at inspiring the poor to educate their children. Written by DaGambit Chhotu's peasant village is ruined by drought, so his ma drops the boy with uncle Bhati, who runs a tea stand at the city outskirts. Clever Chottu, who calls himself Kalam after the self-made Indian president,

Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena Poster
Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena (2005)
12-Jan-2019 4:25 AM

A career criminal tries to disprove the old adage that "you can't con a con man" in this Bollywood drama. Arjun (Fardeen Khan) is a confidence man who, after the death of one of his best friends, decides to pull a major scam to punish the killer. However, the plan goes awry, and he finds himself deep in debt to two of his partners, gangster Sikander (Gulshan Grover) and hitman Kaif (Kay Kay Menon). In order to even the score and save his own skin, Arjun is forced to plan an even bigger con, with