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khamiyaza - journey of a common man Poster

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

102 Not Out Poster
102 Not Out (2018)
19-Apr-2019 1:00 PM

An unusual love-hate relationship between a 75-year-old son and his 102-year-old father, who wants to break the oldest-man-alive record.

The Fakir Of Venice Poster
The Fakir Of Venice (2009)
19-Apr-2019 10:30 AM

Adi Merchant, a hustler from Mumbai is hired by a Venetian artist to find a fakir for an art installation in Venice. He cons the art fraternity and hires a daily wage labourer Sattar instead and the two have the most unique time of their lives in the picturesque European city.

Rowdy Rathore Poster
Rowdy Rathore (2012)
18-Apr-2019 9:30 PM

Low-life thief Shiva and top-cop Vikram Rathore are identical. Vikram killed by foes but his daughter thinks Shiva is her dad - can this Rowdy win respect?

Bombairiya Poster
16-Apr-2019 3:04 PM

It follows the story of Meghna, who gets embroiled in a series of events after her phone gets stolen.

Gali Guleiyan Poster
Gali Guleiyan
15-Apr-2019 4:00 AM

A reclusive Old Delhi shopkeeper, spends his time watching people through hidden cameras. When he overhears a boy being beaten, his search for the boy leads to reality crumbling around him, as he is lost in the maze of the city and his own mind.

Mitron  Poster
13-Apr-2019 9:30 PM

Jai, a happy-go-lucky man, is forced to get married by his father to learn some responsibility. Just then, he meets Avni, an ambitious MBA graduate who wants to start her own business.

Mohalla Assi Poster
Mohalla Assi (2018)
13-Apr-2019 10:30 AM

An idealist Sanskrit teacher deals with issues like commercialization of religion as things around him change and he struggles to keep up. But is he ready to pay the price?

Hotel Milan Poster
Hotel Milan (2018)
13-Apr-2019 8:30 AM

Two friends start a hotel called Milan, a convenient destination for lovers to meet but things don't turn as planned as they are attacked by the anti-Romeo squad and political hooligans.

The Dark Side Of Life: Mumbai City Poster

The Dark Side of Life: Mumbai City is an Indian Drama film released on 23 November 2018. The film is written and directed by Tariq Khan and is produced by Rajesh Pardasani under the banner of Lakshya Productions.

Veerey Ki Wedding Poster
Veerey Ki Wedding (2018)
28-Feb-2019 9:22 AM

What happens when the most eligible bachelor in Delhi, Veerey messes up his first meeting with the father of his beloved? The most fatal blow to the loved-up couple: NO blessing from the father-in-law! Not helping the matter further, is Veerey's elder cousin brother, Balli, who threatens the would-be in-laws with dire consequences if anyone dares to break Veerey's heart.

Bhaagte Raho Poster
Bhaagte Raho
15-Feb-2019 12:00 AM

Bhaagte Raho is a Bollywood comedy film directed by Praful D.S. Tiwari and produced by Sunil Tiwari in association with Zee Music Company.