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WoW Cinema Schedule, Thursday, 12 January 2017

WoW Cinema Complete Schedule, 1-12-2017. Find WoW Cinema program listings for day 1-12-2017 in increasing order of time.
Category: Hindi Movies Language: Hindi

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Mumbhai Connection at 2:00 AM

1-1-2013 (IMDB) Comedy Thriller

An Indian salesman, Faisal, joins an Atlanta IT company only to learn that it is run by the Mumbai mafia. Worse, he is forced to sell IT services to the Atlanta mafia. Even worse, they are not buying! Now Faisal's life is on the line and the only way he can get out alive is by going boldly where no salesman has gone before.

Alieesa P Badresia Rafiq Batcha Chrissy Chambers Eli Jones

Mawaali at 8:00 AM

11-4-1983 (IMDB) Drama

Nisha Verma's relatives wish that she would marry her cousin in order to keep the wealth in the family, but instead, she falls for an unapproved man named Ramesh, who is later accused of murdering her father. Having witnessed her lover at the scene of the crime, Nisha testifies against Ramesh, who's sentenced to death. But she's plagued by questions about why Ramesh was in her house and whether, in fact, he was responsible for her father's death.

Prem Chopra Jaya Prada Sridevi Jeetendra

Ranbhoomi at 2:30 PM

(IMDB) Action

Bholanath befriends Roopa, a dreaded gangster. In order to end hostilities between Roopa and Chandan, he offers himself as a hostage.

Rishi Kapoor Dimple Kapadia Shatrughan Sinha Jeetendra

The Strong Man Badal at 9:30 PM

5-21-2004 (IMDB) Romance

Madhu comes to a village in childhood here she taught a boy and tells him to be educated person.10 years later the boy Ramadu(Prabhas) returns to the college,here he meets college most wanted sexiest woman Madhu(Aarthi Aggarwal).Madhu gots into love with him.Later she reveals in her birthday party that she was the childhood girl who told him to be educated person.However Madhu mother Tribhuvna(Telangana Shakuntala) insults him and through out of her party and house.Tribhuvna is a hot minded woma

Brahmanandam Ramya Krishnan Prabhas Aarti Agarwal Venu Madhav Nassar
B. Gopal

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