Daulat Ki Jung

By 18-Jun-1992 Action Romance

Daulat Ki Jung Poster

Bhushan Chaudhry (Shafi Inamdar) and Mr. Agarwal (Tiku Talsania) are business rivals, and hate each other. Their children, Rajesh Chaudhry (Aamir Khan) and Asha Agarwal (Juhi Chawla) study in the same class in college, and are in love with each other. Both are terrified of what their parents will do when they find out about their romance. And when the parents do find out, all kinds of restrictions are placed on them. Unable to stay away from each other, they elope in a stolen car. On the way, th

Directed By
S.A. Kader
Paresh Rawal Juhi Chawla Kader Khan Aamir Khan
Language: Hindi
Category: Hindi Movies

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