By 01-Jan-1964 Romance Drama


Agra-based atheist and revolutionary poet/editor of Inquilab, Ejaz, falls head-over-heels in love with Naaz Ara Begum after he hears her sing, and then ends up losing his job. With the assistance of his lovely sister, Kausar Ara Begum, Ejaz and Naaz meet secretly. This does not auger well with Akhtar Nawab, Naaz's paternal cousin, who plans to marry her. To make matters worse, their meeting is witnessed by her enraged dad, Nawab Bakar Ali Khan, who initially asks Ejaz to leave, and then decides

Directed By
Ved Madan
Meena Kumari Sunil Dutt Rajendra Nath Rehman Raj Mehra Nazima
Language: Hindi
Category: Hindi Entertainment

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