Joru Ka Ghulam

By 15-Jun-2000 Comedy

Joru Ka Ghulam Poster

Dhaneshwar Pitamber, has four daughters. All the four daughters are not ready to marry, each one having their own reason. The daughters always play mischievous tricks on the one coming with a proposal of marriage, and their gang leader is the youngest daughter Durga. Kader Khan is so desperate to get his daughters married that he is ready to give a dowry of five crores to each son-in-law. Raja and Kanahaiya are small time con men at the airport. Raju Patel is an NRI from America who comes to Ind

Directed By
Shakeel Noorani
Govinda Kader Khan Twinkle Khanna Ashok Saraf Ali Asgar Ashish Vidhyarthi
Hindi Movies

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