Kudrat Ka Kanoon

By 23-Oct-1987

Kudrat Ka Kanoon Poster

Dr. Vijay Verma lives in a small town with his wife, Aarti, and a young daughter, Munni. One day Vijay comes to the rescue of a poor laborer, who was being beaten by a group of men working for the town's Sarpanch, Dharamraj. This gets him in the bad books of Dharamraj, and he is subsequently arrested for killing his assistant, found guilty, and sentenced for seven years. Dharamraj then summons Aarti and openly accuses her of having an affair with the deceased assistant, and orders her to be take

Directed By
K.C. Bokadia
Jackie Shroff Tiku Talsania Ramesh Deo Beena Banerjee
Language: Hindi
Category: Hindi Movies

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