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Jeevan Daata at 11-24-2017 7:00 AM on Bflix Movies


Guddu grows up to be a petty thief but becomes a CBI informer. He helps a CBI officer in his cases but falls in love with the officer's daughter, Kiran. The officer is killed and he must find out how.

Chunky Pandey Kimi Katkar Aditya Pancholi Sonu Walia

Humlaa at 11-26-2017 8:00 PM on Housefull Movies

5-29-1992 (IMDB)

Shiva reunites with his brother Bhawani, who was kicked out of their family home some time ago due to criminal activities, and subsequently becomes involved in the smuggling business.

Anil Kapoor Anupam Kher Dharmendra Meenakshi Sheshadri Kimi Katkar Ashok Kumar
N. Chandra