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Rishtey Cineplex Schedule, Thursday, 12 January 2017

Rishtey Cineplex Complete Schedule, 1-12-2017. Find Rishtey Cineplex tv listings for day 1-12-2017 in increasing order of time. Category: Hindi Movies.
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Average Rating of programs: (Imdb) based on 5 movies.

7:00 AM - Zakhmi Cheetah

21-May-2010 (IMDB) Action

9:45 AM - Super Hero Shehenshah

26-Oct-2011 (IMDB) Action Drama

An ordinary milkman is forced to become the fictional character Velayudham who takes on the scum of the earth.

Genelia D'Souza Vijay Hansika Motwani Saranya Mohan
M. Raja

1:00 PM - Chaahat

06-Jun-1996 (IMDB) Drama Romance

Street-wise musician Roop Singh Rathod must take his father, Shambunath to Mumbai in order to seek medical treatment for a throat aliment. Once in Mumbai Roop lands a job as a singer in a ...

Naseeruddin Shah Shah Rukh Khan Anupam Kher Pooja Bhatt
Mahesh Bhatt

4:07 PM - Dangerous Khiladi 3

18-Dec-2009 (IMDB) Action Comedy Drama

Police-Ravi is a student aspiring to become a police officer,becomes hunted when he helps his friend out of trouble.The hunted becomes the Hunter to secure his future.

Anushka Shetty Vijay P. Ravi Shankar Salim Ghouse
Babu Sivan

7:00 PM - Yodha

03-Sep-1992 (IMDB) Action Comedy

Fate brings a young man from rural Kerala to be the protector of a young Lama in Nepal, who is being chased by a dangerous cult.

Mohanlal Master Siddharth Gopal Raj Bhutani Beena Antony Siddharth Lama
Sangeeth Sivan

9:40 PM - Astra The Weapon


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